We are all going through very trouble times during this COVID-19 but we have to keep hope alive!

Best way is to good habits like wash after every change of items and scene, keep reviewing yours and others near and known health, if anyone seems getting really I’ll contact a provider that won’t be overwhelmed already, If well get in contact with others that will need your talents through phone or online or even at a facility if you can do so without cause health risks. There are many public places open if you need amenities such as food, clothing , transportation, but so at precautionary movements, as we all needed and can’t turn back time. Fresh air and intimate partner is a must but 6ft to others outside of your domestication even when seem healthy! For those who are wealthy enough to help myself and husband or other nonprofits/homeless do so from retail products with receipts and online donations to track process for health and tax linkages. Thank you and be well! Beatrice b Moise-Williams

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