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By heart is in improving stability in the cities cause it where I hope to live!
Guide for COVID-19

Earth Journey Org– was startby Beatrice b Moise-Williams in March 2011 to increase humane support since online and in NYC the corporations weren’t enough colored CEO and cause living a low supported neighborhoods with high crimes, pollution and poverty rates. The Organization came through a lot of road block due to Beatrice’s own struggle to get a financial support and long-term rental contracting but kept on through only limited public donation and mostly public spaces like libraries or restaurants. Daily pulling through to collect resources and managed is what lead to today’s strength. The company is still in need of on-going support to increase balance for better campaigning and underwriting, If you are interested sponsoring contact soon include partnership role and experience as well as availability, Preferred with attachment resume.

This In NYC we are being hit hard with the Covid 19 time. Your sponsorship will help to have warm drinks, food, toiletries, metrocard fare, cellphone, doing laundry, and possibly private home, lik add me and out-work husband PayPal page.

Looking for sponsorship for space, toiletries, web editing and legal support!

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